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Contact GuideGunnar

Best point of contact for GuideGunnar is email: info@guide-gunnar.no
As a Northern lights guide, working nights, please allow til afternoon for a response.

You can also message GuideGunnar on Facebook.

And if in Tromsø, check by Guides Central.

Guides Central, Tromsø Visitors' lounge

Sjøgata 29 9008 Tromsø, Norway
Visitors' lounge + free wi-fi + rest rooms + chance to meet the guides!

Guides Central is the pick up point for guests on GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase in Tromsø and Aurora Chase Tromsø with Tromsø local guide Kjell Oddvar. Doors open half an hour before tour start. Please arrive no later than 10 mins before tour start for introductions by your guide.

Guides Central operates as a guides hub and is the home of GuideGunnar and Wild Seas.

Hot desk and office space availabilities at Guides Central. Contact Gunnar on info@guide-gunnar.no for expression of interest.